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Bilingual Exchange Program
This reciprocal exchange program is available to a limited number of B.C. Grade 10/11 French Immersion and Francophone Program students. Quebec students live with B.C. families for three months and attend B.C. schools. Later in the school year, B.C. students live with Quebec families for three months and attend Quebec schools. Applications must be approved by participating schools.

Ready, Set, Learn Extranet
The Ready, Set, Learn Extranet site includes information for Superintendents and Principals. If you need assistance accessing the site, please contact: EDUC.EarlyLearning@gov.bc.ca

Official Languages Bursary Programs
A number of official languages bursary programs are available to residents of British Columbia. Submit your completed application form.

School District French Language Grants Based on Student Data Collection
School Districts that have received 70% of their annual official language funding grants in early spring must submit a financial report and evaluation form (FP-01SD) on or before June 30th in order to receive the 30% balance payment. Financial Report and Evaluation form submission.

Post Secondary French Language Grants Based on Enrolment
Post Secondary institutions offering a pre-service program for French Language instructors must submit a course contact hours and enrolment form (FP-03PS) for each semester as of September 30, January 31, May 31 and July 31 of the academic year.Contact hours and Enrolment report submission.